Equipment/Rates offers free delivery and set-up (each day) of beach chairs, umbrellas,  paddleboards, and kayaks to all of Walton County including Scenic Highway 30-A, Scenic 98, as well as the West Side of Panama City Beach. Need a street legal golf cart CHECK OUT

Pay online at

Chairs & Umbrellas:

1 umbrella / 2 chairs                                    1 day $30 to $40 (single days may be unavailable during the busy season)

2 or more days $25-$30 a day depending on area and number of sets rented

6 or more days $20-$30 a day depending on area and number of sets rented

For larger groups or long-term setups please call (850) 585-8462 for pricing.

We also offer discounts through many rental companies so check with your rental company!

Burke’s now offers a cheaper rental,s elf serve set ups. This is how it works. We bring how many ever chairs and umbrellas you need right to your door anywhere in Walton County. When the week is over we pick them up. You are responsible for getting them back and fourth to the beach. This means you can go to any beach you want any and stay for anytime you want. These chairs are better than cheap chairs you buy at a store for the same price,$70 a week per set.

Check out are awesome canopy deals at

New for 2014 full length loungers  $40 a day          




10 foot   yolo yak  $65 a day $275 a week  (add 15 a day more for fishing yolo yak)

12 foot  paddleboard        $80 a day or $300 a week

Call for free delivery at (850) 585-8462.


1 Seater                                                                $55 a day

2 Seater                                                                $65 a day

2 seated fishing kayak $100 a day

Paddles and Vest Included. Delivery and Pick-up to and from houses and boardwalks only.

One speed beach cruisers bikes $45 a week and $20 to $40 a week for attachments.

Burke’s also offers street legal golf carts. WWW.southwaltongolfcartrentals.COM

Burke’s now offers beach bonfires including set up breakdown, the permit, wood, chairs, tiki torches,a cooler and ice, and smores.     Call now for a price

Find a better price? Let us know and we will match it AND provide better service!

Pay online go to